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18 November 2015 @ 06:50 pm
Core Purpose
To know God, enjoy God, reflect his glory back to him in the pursuit of justice and mercy in all things, and do this in community with others through Jesus Christ.

Core Principles

  • To love others as myself, and love other Christians as Christ has loved me

  • To be proactive in doing good for others, and seek their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical welfare in everything I do, in any and every realm of life

  • To be well organised, not simply for its own sake and because I like it but to make the doing of good easier and more likely and friction free

  • To enjoy and give thanks to God for everything in this life, whether good or bad

  • To live each day with all my might, vigour, enthusiasm and gratitude

  • To study the Bible steadily, constantly and frequently, and plainly perceive myself to grow in the knowledge of the same

  • To pray for both Christians and non-Christians frequently and diligently

  • To never speak evil of anyone

  • To exhibit an air of love, cheerfulness and benignity

  • Reflect on my Mission Statement weekly

Core Beliefs
I am a child of God who has been forgiven and redeemed by Christ alone, through faith alone, to the glory of God alone. I am saved into spending eternity with Christ as part of the church.

Life Goal
Excelling in studies and growing people in spiritual maturity.

Individual Family Church Social Professional
- Spirituality and character
- Planning and workflow
- Learning
- Health
- Refreshment and leisure
- Travel
- Child
- Extended family
- Household
- St Paul's
- Growth group
- Sunday School
- EU (ProCo)
- Friends
- Boyfriend
- Community
- State
- Country
- World
- Formal education: studying
- Networking
- Social good

  1. What things do I most need to do this week to serve my primary roles?

  2. Is there any additional, out-of-my-way good I can do for someone in any of these areas?

  3. Is there any critical role I'm neglecting and need to give more attention to?

09 February 2017 @ 09:05 pm

So many expectations on myself
I feel tired
I am super cranky when I do them because no one thinks to help
When someone helps I get super annoyed they don't do it my way ie the most efficient way

So much arrogance
But also tiredness and cbbs telling other people my expectations

On another note I'm frustrated by not knowing what I should be doing with myself sometimes ie career prospects but does that really matter in the end

Should I be dwelling on my own thoughts or seeking to love others by hearing them out

Much sigh

28 January 2017 @ 11:04 am
him saving my life conferred a value on it. it is a currency i do not know how to spend
06 January 2017 @ 07:21 pm
the slight delight when I bump into Linly at a food court and have lunch with her while discussing our work

the slight hurt when Mike says a phrase I used was pejorative

the slight satisfaction in binging on chocolate and icecream

the slight regret that follows after

the slight (actually more than that) excitement for the fun-packed day tomorrow
02 January 2017 @ 03:06 pm
Heavenly Father,

I thank you for your word - your powerful word which transcends all time to speak to us even today. I thank you that you reveal yourself and our sinful hearts through it, especially through 1 Sam and James this year for me.

I thank you that when I feel self-righteous, you humble me by showing me my state of depravity. Yet when I wallow in the depths of my sin and guilt, you exalt me be reassuring me of the magnitude of your love, which has conquered sin. I thank you that in all times, you graciously transform my imperfection so I slowly become perfect like Jesus.
26 December 2016 @ 08:20 pm
when your brother is the true MVP for climbing up the tree like a monkey and shaking that drone off the tree. 

1. What made you feel the most alive this year? Small moments - with friends, exercising, going on rollercoasters, jamming to music

2. How did you surprise yourself in 2016? Going to Japan

3. What did you do this year that you regret? Drinking that soy iced coffee that the cafe put sugar in without me asking for it

4. What made you cry the hardest this year? Don't remember

5. Which friends have been there for you the most in 2016? Joyce, Mike, Cecile, Bea, Ash

6. What are you most grateful for as this year draws to a close? Family, friends, God's unrelenting grace to me everyday

7. Compared to this time last year, are you happier or sadder? Same? Happier?

8. What did you do to take care of yourself this year? Go to Japan

9. Where was the best place you traveled to this year? Taiwan, Japan

10. What did you do for the first time in 2016? Go on exchange

11. What did you do for the last time in 2016? Don't know

12. Which days from 2016 will you never forget? Days in Japan - esp with host family, going to Okinawa with Lisa, Cecile staying over, cruise/Melbourne with fam, road trip with churchies, interning at WP and working at EQT

13. What did you accomplish this year that you’re proud of?

14. Who did you need to forgive this year? My Howie, family

15. What were you most afraid of this year?

16. How did life surprise you this year?

17. How was this year better than 2015? Mike, exchange, growing in different ways as a Christian

18. How was this year worse than 2015?

19. Who did you miss the most over the past year? Mike lol

20. What was the most valuable thing you spent money on this year?

21. What did you waste too much money on this year? I have no regrets tbh

22. How did you spend your birthday this year? In Japan. Forgot what I did.

23. What was the best book you read in 2016? 1 & 2 Samuel

24. What do you wish you’d spent more time doing this year?

25. What do you wish you’d spent less time doing?

26. What made you the angriest in 2016?

27. When did you feel the most at peace this year?

28. What is the biggest risk you took in 2016?

29. What made you laugh the hardest this year?

30. What ended for you in 2016?

31. What began for you in 2016?

32. What song will always remind you of this year?

33. How did this year differ from the way you thought it would go?

34. How would you describe your personal style over the past year?

35. Who in your life did you look up to the most this year?

36. Which quote best sums up the past year for you?

37. Did you fall in love this year?

38. Did your heart break this year?

39. What was your favorite TV show in 2016?

40. Which (if any) new years resolutions did you keep this year?

41. Which (if any) new years resolutions will you be making for next year?

42. What disappointed you the most in 2016?

43. Who did you rely on the most in 2016?

44. Who might you owe an apology to at the end of this year?

45. How did you grow as a person over the past year?

46. What made you feel the most stuck this year?

47. What made you feel the most inspired this year?

48. If you could go back and give yourself a single piece of advice on the first day of 2016, what would it be?

49. What’s the most important thing you learned this year?

50. What do you hope will be different for you by this time next year?
13 December 2016 @ 08:22 am
17 November 2016 @ 08:14 pm

  • can't wait for holidays - except not really hols because working etc

  • slightly excited for exams

  • but also overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I need to know

  • I feel like I've gotten so much stuff into my brain

  • but I also feel like I wouldn't be able to cover all my grounds tmrw in the exam

  • or the exam the day after

  • trusting in God

  • knowing academic failure doesn't define me

  • trying to stay motivated too

  • i'm a contradiction

21 October 2016 @ 09:17 am
It's been a massive few weeks. Hangouts, pastoral care issues, ministry issues to work out...

You're scared you wrong him but you know your demands are justified. When you love him so much but you're scared you'll lose him. I guess that's what dating is all about - knowing and feeling the uncertainty but still clinging on to the hope for a future together.

Praise Jesus for full assurance in him.

Really should memorise Romans 8